About S.K. Grayson

S.K. (Shelley) Grayson grew up on a riverbank in a microscopic town, and now lives in a slightly bigger town with a sassy ex-stray cat and a daughter who's currently away at college making her momma proud.

Shelley loves gay romance, adores werewolves, and doesn't want to bother if there's not a happy ending. Mystery Science Theater 3000 and classic Star Trek are dear to her heart, and she thinks everyone who loves horror and science fiction should watch Metropolis at least every few years. She plays several instruments, is fascinated by the cosmos and the terrifying promise of Artificial Intelligence, and will probably not recognize you even if you're in her lap if she doesn't happen to be wearing her glasses.

You can check out her books and join the mailing list to find out what's new. She also writes gay paranormal and shifter romance as Shelley Grayson.