Praise for Shift:

"I LOVED the mystery aspect of this story. I literally could not put it down. I cooked dinner with my Kindle propped on the counter, I pushed my bedtime back several hours. So good. So many twists and turns. [...] I hope it goes all Maximum Ride on us, tbh. The world Shelley has built definitely has the potential to be that all encompassing." (Read full review) - Keysmash Blog

"WOW! What a story! What an introduction! This book is so full of outstanding characters it is hard to say which one had the bigger spot in my heart! I loved all of them for different reasons [...] I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and can't wait to read more of the Hunters Rock wolves." (Read full review) - Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

"What I really loved the most is how this is kind of a non-traditional paranormal. [...] The blurb describes it as an “urban fantasy, ensemble cast adventure” and I would say that is a great way to put it. [...] Shift is a story that grabbed me right from the beginning and kept me engrossed throughout the entire book, eager to solve the mystery of who is threatening these shifters and why. It got to the point where I had to force myself not to pick it up at times, as I had no self control and would keep on reading long past when I had other things that needed to get done." (Read full review) - JoyfullyJay

"I liked every aspect of this well written mystery. [...] A great introduction to a fantastic series. Highly recommended." (Read full review) - Shorty at MM Good Book Reviews

" I kind of wish I hadn't read this yet because I really want to read the next so much. But then it's really not going to be any kind of a hardship to re-read Shift when the next does release. I know this is a book, hopefully long series, that I'll read many times." (Read full review)

"WOW!!! This has got to be one of the best paranormal shifter books I have ever read. It's the first novel that I have read of Shelley Grayson and I must say I was very impressed by her writing style and the intensity. I will definitely read more of her works and the sequel of this story. The story line was strong and riveting. The characters were well developed and dynamically amazing. I felt myself being brought into the story from beginning to end." (Read full review)

"...if you are a fan of Vampire Diaries, Twilight, Supernatural with a little more sex this is the series for you." (Read full review)

"So good! The fact that I didn't finish this book until 4:30 in the morning should tell you something." (Read full review)

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Someone's killing werewolves.

Lukas Vance finds a list of towns under his wipers, and in each town he finds a dead 19-year-old who smells like pack. The scent's close but not quite right, and Lukas knows they can't be related to him. So how's it possible they carry Vance pack scent? He reaches Hunter's Rock before the killer, determined to get the next intended victim out of this situation alive. And when he catches the familiar scent, then sees the guy it belongs to, Lukas wants to do so much more than protect him.

Chris Keenan doesn't know why gorgeous, broody Lukas thinks he's in danger, but he likes being near him. Lukas wants to keep him safe, and when Chris freaks out, he seems to be able to calm him down. Chris hasn't been feeling like himself for a while, and it seems they're about to find out why. Instead of going to the police, he puts his trust in Lukas and his brother Griffin, and discovers that figuring out who he is may be harder than he thinks.

Shift is the first novel in the Wolves of Hunter's Rock series, now available at Amazon.
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